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Before I wrote the text for this page, I did my homework.

I looked at dozens of other web sites, to see what they wrote about themselves. I found a lot of things like this: "providing superb customer service", "unsurpassed customer experience", "providing the best customer service first and foremost", "outstanding services"

This kind of statement is very common, and besides, what else would they say about themselves? We suck at communicating with our customers? We're going to ignore you after we have your money?

What makes Tailored Web Solutions different from all of them?

Individual Service You get to work directly with me. No middlemen. No technicians that have to get back to you. Just me, listening to you and working directly for you. I want to get to know your needs and work with you throughout the process and even stay in touch once the project is complete to make sure everything is on the up and up. You'll get the design that fits your needs.

Free Consultation Consulting is offered every step of way to ensure your experience is smooth and trouble free. Do you want to talk about your future web needs for weeks & weeks, prior to work being started? A.O.K.

No Templates, or Plug-Ins All work is developed custom for you, exactly how you would like it. No additional graphics. No third-party advertisements. No extra fluff. Unless you like fluff.

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Don't like the color? Want to change some wording? Would you like your reports emailed to your smartphone instead of your office number? No problem. I've changed my mind over & over when developing this page. I'll let you change your mind too.

I have been programming various computer systems for over 30 years. I am a seasoned web developer, who has a wide variety of coding skills necessary to produce quality web sites. I concentrate on complete website development, with dynamic pages and specialized custom web solutions using the WebDNA server-side software. WebDNA is faster than MySQL, and easier to deploy and troubleshoot than any php driven website.

Worried about costs? Please don't. I can offer you hourly service, or packaged systems that will easily fit your budget. I don't have a lot of overhead, so I don't need to pass these kind of extra costs off to you.

My goal is to provide my customers with top quality products, and individual technical support. I am ready to assist you so contact me today and find out how my services can help grow your business.

Stephen Braun, Owner, Programmer

Below are some of the many Services that we offer:
Content Management Systems - Have your web pages store, search and retrieve your data, and present reports with the exact information that you require.

Dynamic Web Page Development - Your web pages automatically loaded with fresh information, content and layout, for each individual viewing.

Web Applications - Web applications developed with proven experience of working on diverse projects successfully.

Custom Web Site Design - No pre-made or "cookie-cutter" templates used. All design work is directly drawn from your ideas and inspiration.